Coach Training


Concussions in young athletes can result in long-term physical, mental, and emotional problems. You can’t always prevent a head injury in sports, but there are things you can do, as a coach, to give your athletes the best chance of recovery if a concussion happens.

After this 20-minute program you’ll know:

  • How to recognize a concussion.
  • How to respond to a concussion.
  • Strategies to reduce risk.

Go to the RECOGNIZE link below to get started.


Would you know if a player had a concussion?

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If a player has a concussion, what do you do?

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When is a player ready to get back in the game?

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What can you do to keep your team safe?

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What’s Included

You’ll find resources to use on the field, including a packet to give parents if you suspect one of your players has a concussion.