Even though it is challenging, putting the right accommodations in place makes a huge difference in your student’s recovery. These supports are generally temporary. With proper care, most concussions heal within 2-4 weeks. Work with your Concussion Management Team to find the most effective accommodations for your student. Follow the Return to Activity Plan until the student is medically cleared or until it is replaced by a 504 plan.

A few suggestions…

Mental effort can worsen symptoms.

  • Modify assignments and homework. Limit the number of problems, questions or pages to read. Emotional pressure can increase symptoms.
  • Postpone or stagger tests. Provide shortened tests or extend time to take tests.
  • Deliver instruction in smaller chunks.

Students might be sensitive to light and/or noise.

  • Permit sunglasses or caps with visors indoors.
  • Permit ear protectors (not music).
  • Provide a quiet alternative place to eat. Cafeterias are loud and bright.

Mood changes are common.

  • Make arrangements to provide the student with a quiet supervised place to go to regain composure.
  • Let students know that this is one of the symptoms of concussion.
  • Allow time to visit the school counselor, nurse, or psychologist.

Some students exhibit the same characteristics as ADHD.

  • Provide pre-printed class notes or allow other students to share their notes.
  • Allow the use of a tape recorder.
  • Use a smaller, quieter exam room or use a quiet part of the classroom.

There are additional Accommodations Suggestions in the RESOURCE LIST.