School-wide Concussion Management

When a concussion happens to a student, it’s critical that the entire school community—staff, students, and their parents—knows how to respond in ways that ensure the student’s best chance of recovery.

The RESOURCE LIST provides all of the materials a school needs for effective concussion management.

Use the training programs below to ensure the safety of your students.


In 20 minutes, athletic staff can learn how to spot a possible concussion and respond effectively.

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Staff can learn concussion basics and how to support students when they return to the classroom.

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Use this short training to make sure parents know what to do if a concussion happens to their child.

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Teen athletes

Teach students about concussions with this fun 15-minute program.

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How to Use This Program

1. Use the links above to make sure all coaches, school staff, parents, and students know how to recognize potential concussions and respond appropriately. Good concussion management won’t happen unless all stakeholders are fully trained.

2. Download “Concussion Management Team: Roles and Responsibilities” from the RESOURCE LIST. This resource provides instructions on how to set up a Concussion Management Team and a sample Concussion Management Policy. When a student gets a concussion, it takes a coordinated effort to ensure the best chance of full recovery.